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20 May 2030 @ 08:35 pm
Hey Everyone. Welcome to my journal where you can find my rants, ramblings, stories and whatnots. Please do enjoy looking around. Most of my posts will probably be about my FANDOM...JE boys. Arashi, NewS, KAT-TUN, and Hey!Say!JUMP are the bands that I'm really interested in. So expect to see a lot of stuff related to them. With that, Yoroshiku~

Entries about my RL will be f-locked so comment to be added.

Atashi no Nihon no Shitsuji wa Chinen Yuuri!! :D

Credits to milou_veronica  for my layout . ^_^
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21 February 2030 @ 10:28 pm
Here's a list of all the stories I've written and ones that are in the process of being written :)) Just to let you guys know, I am more comfortable writing one-shots so you'll see a lot of that. Multichapters on the other hand are NOT my forte. Anyway, Feel free to browse and read. Comments are LOVE and are VERY MUCH appreciated. <3 Douzo~

DICLAIMER: It's been said a MILLION times...I am in no way related to Johnny Kitagawa, therefore I don't own anything and there's a snowball's chance in hell I ever would own anything. Get it? Got it?...Good. :)


Always By Your Side
Summary: Akanishi Jin was involved in an accident that left him unable to walk. After a few years a wheelchair bound Jin meets Kamenashi Kazuya what would happen if certain things about their past are revealed?

1 ||


We Need Time
Summary: Things don't always go according to plan. Life's a rough road and there are the occasional bumps along the way. When things go awry...what one needs is time. Kame is filming Kami No Shizuku and Jin is filming Bandage. Their schedules are both packed and they're lacking the one thing they need the most...time for each other.

|| 2 || 3 || 4

The Things I Do
How far are you willing to go for your friend?

"The things I do for that guy and his brother..."

All It Takes
Cause there are times when big problems have really simple solutions.
A/N: This is a JinxOC fic. :P

"I couldn't ask for a better family."

Because I Love Him
He would ask himself many times…WHY? WHY AM I DOING THIS?? And only four words could ever answer that question…Because…I love him.

"Because...I love him."

Always Waiting (Sequel to Because I Love Him)
After waiting for so long, he had decided to give up. To spare himself from the pain, he decided to stop waiting. But his heart doesn’t seem to agree with his mind’s decision. He’s conflicted, hurting…and deep inside…still waiting. Will there ever be a happy ending for him?

"Because no matter what happened…he was just there…hopelessly…patiently…waiting, ALWAYS WAITING."

Title: We're meant To Be
From the first day I met her. It was DESTINY. Me and Her...We're meant to be.
This is a NinoxOC fic, dedicated to my best friend/little sis ninokenken.

"Each day that passed, we were weaving new memories together."

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07 April 2010 @ 08:31 pm

Title: Always By Your Side

Author: Magicaltrinity ^_^v

Pairing: Akame

Rating: G (may or may not get higher as the story progresses)

Genre:  Romance, Angst, High School life AU

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything, just the plot.

Summary: Akanishi Jin was involved in an accident which left him unable to walk. After a few years, a wheelchair bound Jin meets Kamenashi Kazuya. What would happen if certain things about their past are revealed?

Warning: Unbeta’d

A/N: It’s been quite a while since I’ve written something and I haven’t posted anything in a long while. But I guess I’m back. Still struggling with a SEVERE case of Writer’s Block but I managed to come up with this. Enjoy~ BTW, comments are LOVE. <3



He felt like he’s seen the boy before, he just couldn’t remember but there was something about him that felt familiar.Collapse )


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