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BELIEVE --- in yourself


I'm Kin. I will be turning 16 soon and currently in Sophomore year of High School. I'm a normal kid who goes to school everyday. :) I like every subject as long as it's not related to MATH and NUMBERS. That means I hate ALGEBRA but I like STATISTICS though. I'm an aspiring writer and I am a member of the school paper, under the news and layout department. Like everyone, I enjoy hanging out with my friends and I doodle when I'm bored. =)) I play soccer, baseball, softball and taekwondo. I love to sing and I can play the piano. Currently I'm learning how to play the guitar. I would like to learn how to draw well someday. Recently, I've been into skateboarding again. I'd like to make friends here so feel free to add me. Remember to comment on my WELCOME entry. Yoroshiku~

I am into J-pop. A HUGE JE fangirl. It all started with Arashi until I got into KAT-TUN, Hey!Say!JUMP and NewS. I like Kanjani8, Tokio, V6, Takey&Tsubasa though I am not that familiar with them. I also like Crystal Kay, Yui, and aiko. Akanishi Jin is my ICHIBAN <3 Kamenashi Kazuya is my DAD. Matsujun is the reason I'm into JE. I LOVE my FANDOM and I'm sticking to it despite what other people think.

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